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Doha Skyline

One week to go until kick-off of the inaugural FIFA Arab Cup.

Planning your FAC 2021 itinerary, and wondering which sites to visit in and around Doha? We have broken our categories down into 4 types of experiences and we will give you the Khaya top 5 for each.

Cultural Enthusiast:

Qatar boasts a host of world-class museums as well as iconic art galleries. For those looking for a cultural experience Qatar has a dynamic arts and culture scene. Museums & galleries, Architecture, Arts and Crafts, Heritage Sites, Public Art Spaces and Souqs form an integral part of the Qatari Cultural Scene.

Khaya top 5:

Katara Cultural Village

Thrill Seekers:

Qatar is shaping into a paradise for thrill seekers. There is potentially an adventure across land, sea or air – with everything from desert safaris to water sports and air activities. The many options available makes it hard for us to select our top 5.

Khaya top 5:

Desert Safari


Qatar is home to over 100 nationalities, a multinational society. The varied dining options are a true reflection of the country’s rich diversity. From popular chain restaurants to fine dining, street food and Qatari cuisine, there is something to tickle all tastebuds.

Khaya top 5:


Shoppers will be spoilt for choices in Qatar! The diverse options cater to all tastes. Exclusive designer retail stores are not hard to come by at some of the most beautiful shopping malls in the world. If you’re looking for a touch of Qatar, look no further than the local souqs.

Khaya top 5:



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