Success Stories

We provide tailor-made solutions. Tell us exactly what you are looking for and
together we find a solution that fits your budget and your needs.

February 2023 - Summer Games Paris

Unique TV Studio Opportunity?

A broadcaster was looking for a TV studio for the Olympic Games in Paris. The
requirement was that it be used for day and night-time production with a unique view of the Eiffel Tower. Our team presented 3 options. And the client was impressed with the solution presented. Next year they will showcase a postcard-like picture of Paris.

September 2022 - FIFA World Cup Qatar

Accommodate management and line staff?

A technical provider requested accommodation for their senior management and normal staff in the same property. We created the ideal package for them! In one of our villa compounds, we housed the senior managers in one-bedroom apartments with full hotel services, including breakfast and daily cleaning. The normal staff were put into 7-bedroom villas with twin beds in each room. No breakfast was included and the housekeeping was done weekly.

December 2022 - FIFA World Cup Qatar

Help! Can you secure us more rooms?

The company responsible for the closing ceremony urgently needed to accommodate 20 high level staff as close to Lusail Stadium as possible as this is where the final was. This was a last minute emergency that needed more high level staff in country, the request came in during the World Cup. Our team had to act fast unblocking a hotel, organising airport pic-ups and assisting the hotel with check-ins which were mostly done in the early hours of the morning.

June 2019 - Summer Games Tokyo

Rooms at all Olympic venues

After winning a high-level contract, a company requested Khaya to find apartments close to all the Olympic venues in and around Tokyo. It took our staff 4 months until all areas were covered, including the remotely located sailing and golf venue. In total 18 properties were contracted for this client.

September 2017 - Winter Games Pyeongchang

Help! Our hotel is not ready!

In the run-up to the Games, one of the key stakeholders of the Games begged Khaya to find a solution to accommodate 120 technicians for 3 months, close to the International Broadcast Center. The hotel they had booked was not finished on time, Khaya had the solution!
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