What makes our site inspections unique?

Finding the perfect hotel or apartment has always been a core part of Khaya’s DNA. We offer this free service to all clients in search for their perfect stay during the 2024 Summer Games.

During the inspection we take you on a journey of discovery, diversity and opportunity.

Based on your requirements we’ll show you a range of hotels and apartments, from grand chateaus to chic boutique hotels, each with its own personality. Gain valuable insights into the design, amenities, and services of each property to help make informed decisions. Meet the owner to get a feel of the hotel and its culture.

Discover the breathtaking beauty of Hotel Terrass as we unveil the property during our latest site inspection for a valued client.

We share our little secrets, pointing out the best restaurants and shopping.

Khaya’s team team in Paris also offers tips on how to navigate the public transport system with 14 metro and 5 RER lines.

Our site inspections offer a unique opportunity to see Paris from a different perspective and gain a deeper understanding of the city.

We take pride in sharing our passion for Paris helping you discover the hidden gems. Contact our team today to arrange your visit!

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