Our History

Over a span of 15 years, Khaya has accommodated clients from 47 countries at events around the world.

What started out as a vision to provide tailor-made hospitality solutions to broadcasters in South Africa in 2010, has turned into being a key player at sporting events globally.

Some of our highlights:

2023 World Cup France: Rugby

We rolled out the red carpet for travel agents, broadcasters, and technical providers, welcoming them with open arms in each of the host cities.

2022 FWC Qatar

Qatar hosted a spectacular World Cup. Khaya welcomed guests at 14 hotels, 5 apartment buildings. We also took full control over a compound with 500 rooms.

2022 Winter Games Beijing

The Chinese government put strict regulations in place and Beijing experienced a very muted event.

2021 FIFA Arab Cup Qatar

At the dress rehearsal for the World Cup we hosted travel agencies, broadcasters and catering companies.

2020NE Summer Games Tokyo

In July 2021, a year late, Khaya finally looked after two dozen broadcasters and technical suppliers. Strict protocols ensured that everyone stayed safe.

2019 World Cup Japan: Rugby

What an experience for rugby fans from around the world. Japan embraced the World Cup and made it an unforgettable spectacle.

2018 FWC Russia

Khaya’s hosts were present in all host cities and provided a seamless service for all our clients.

2018 Winter Games Pyongchang

Our impressive team in Pyongchang warmed the hearts of many clients. Besides managing 2000 bedrooms we also introduced our own restaurant and even hosted a press conference.

2016 Summer Games Rio

At the Olympic Games in Rio, Khaya took over 500 apartments from private owners. Dozens of broadcasters and federations were happy to stay close to the Olympic Parc. A logistical masterpiece.

2016 UEFA Euro France

Two years of planning paid off as France played host to a wonderful football tournament. Khaya introduced a new system by having hosts in all host cities to guarantee the best guest experience.

2014 FWC Brazil

Khaya introduced a new system by having hosts in all host cities across Brazil. Travel agencies, sponsors and media clients were amazed by the great service level.

2012 UEFA Euro Poland & Ukraine

Poland and Ukraine were the host countries and Khaya’s crew in Warsaw, Gdansk and Kiev went out of their way to look after the guests, including Brazilian TV legend Galvao Bueno.

2010 FWC South Africa

With its innovative approach by providing villas, apartments, guest houses and hotels our team won the hearts of many clients, who are still booking with Khaya until today.
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