Rugby and Summer Games, something to look forward to

Never have I looked forward to events more than what awaits us in France.
The Grande Nation plays host to two events that have it all.
First the Rugby World Cup in September and then the Olympics next summer.

Khaya’s team managed to arrange great hotels in all nine host cities. The big matches in Marseille are in high demand and we still have a few rooms left in our portfolio.

The final match will take place at the Stade de France, which will be given a new name next year. It then becomes the Olympic Stadium of Paris.

Many of our customers are delighted, that a mega event is finally taking place in one of the most attractive destinations, namely Paris. This event promises to break all attendance records. Up to 2 million people are expected to attend the opening ceremony along the Seine River.

This is double the number of spectators that Qatar achieved over one month. The worldwide TV audience at the FIFA World Cup witnessed a flawless show, while those behind the scenes often had a different experience.

Among other things, Khaya’s team operated several compounds and apartment buildings in Doha. The 1000 guests who stayed at Tala Residence were full of praise for the villas and Khaya’s level of service. Our team of 70 employees went above and beyond all expectations to make it a pleasant and welcoming stay.

Guests at our aparthotels A&H and Holiday Villa were also highly impressed with their accommodation.

Overall, the World Cup was the biggest event in Khaya’s history. Thanks to all customers for the cohesion and understanding.

We are ready for the next tasks and are looking forward to France and everything that may come there.

Best regards,
Volkhard Bauer

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