2022 FWC<span>Qatar</span>

2022 Football: Qatar

Qatar is preparing for a spectacular event. The stadiums will be mind-blowing. Metro lines and roads are under construction.

Securing accommodation will be tricky as it is predicted there will only be approximately 35 000 hotel rooms. The few hotels in Qatar will mostly be used by the 32 teams and other FIFA constituent groups.

Our expertise in turning real estate into hotel-style accommodation will be taken to lofty new heights in Qatar.

Khaya has partnered with a select group of major Qatari real estate companies and we can offer a range of options, from apartments to villas and residential towers housing up to 200 apartments in Doha, Lusail and Al Wakra.

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    A wet event?

    The biggest threat to the World Cup perhaps isn’t terrorist attacks or misbehaving fans, but the natural elements. There is no protection against bad weather. In July, the Gulf region experienced extreme rainfall. It seemed as though the heavens opened over a 24-hour period. In Dubai, the damage was substantial, with videos making the rounds. […]

    5* Hotel Velero – Opening on 15 September

    One of Qatar’s most stunning hotels will open its doors on 15 September. The 22-storey Hotel Velero merges Arabian design with world-class hospitality. Every detail has been perfected by its owner, Sheikh Mansour Al-Thani. The hotel is home to 244 rooms and suites, including 4 penthouses. Each category has its own design with vibrant carpets and […]

    99 or 100 days to go?

    Was it a surprise or not? The World Cup calendar has been changed. Qatar will play the opening match and can celebrate itself. Tens of thousands of fans have bought tickets, booked their flights and hotels and are now as upset as can be. In Doha, impromptu changes frequently occur. Living in the Middle East, one gets […]

    A dry event

    Alcohol will be difficult to come by at the World Cup. The stadiums will be dry, with no alcohol on sale at the arenas. Beer will only be on sale from 10pm at various public viewing sites. FIFA-sponsor, Budweiser, has already pulled the plug. Bud will do its own Fan Festivals in neighbouring cities, Dubai and […]

    Qatar has a mountain to climb

    5 months to go and problems persist 5 months out from the start of the World Cup, Qatar is a far cry from being ready for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. More and more participating teams and sponsors are questioning Qatar’s preparations. FIFA is said to be very worried about the current status, a lot […]

    Qatar kick-starts sports world Khaya launches “Project Stay Safe”

    The FIFA World Cup is the first post-COVID 19 event of magnitude and Khaya makes sure its guests will stay safe After a 3-year hiatus, finally, the world of international sports is expected to return to its pre-pandemic glory! As vaccination rates rise and governments start relaxing their pandemic regulations, the FIFA World Cup in […]

    Final stage for World Cup qualifiers

    Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal have strong hopes to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar. Never before has the qualification process been such a tight affair. In Europe, Portugal are the big favourites for their showdown with North Macedonia. Wales’ Gareth Bale showed his class with two brilliant goals, but he has to wait until June […]

    The important takeaways from the Arab Cup

    The stadiums and surroundings are absolutely World Class and designed to create an overall amazing fan experience for all. The technology-filled opening ceremony dazzled with a mix of music and technology that showcased the best of the Arab culture and Arab unity As Qatar welcomed thousands of fans to the stadiums, the safety of fans was a top […]

    Khaya deeply involved in Arab Cup

    With the 2021 Arab Cup almost underway, the city of Doha is brimming with action. All the 15 visiting teams, referees, sponsors and FIFA officials have arrived safely. The team at Khaya have already welcomed over 250 guests at Hamad International Airport (HIA). Our guests are part of crews involved in the logistics of the […]

    Khaya Top 5

    One week to go until kick-off of the inaugural FIFA Arab Cup. Planning your FAC 2021 itinerary, and wondering which sites to visit in and around Doha? We have broken our categories down into 4 types of experiences and we will give you the Khaya top 5 for each. Cultural Enthusiast: Qatar boasts a host […]

    Bringing the World of Khaya to you!

    Our team has been hard at work upgrading our website and other digital channels. We are proud to announce the following changes. Website in 9 languages 🌎 New videos 🎥 Work at Khaya 💼 1. 🌎 You can now translate our website into 9 languages. Arabic Chinese English French Italian Japanese Portuguese Russia Spanish 2. 🎥 You [...]

    5 points you need to know about Labour Camps

    5 points you need to know about Labour Camps labour camp noun A form of hostel-style accommodation that doesn’t allow guests a lot of private space. Shared bedrooms and toilet facilities make for a budget-orientated accommodation option. Labour camps are in the spotlight and the Qatari authorities make sure that international rules are being adhered […]

    Six months to the FIFA Arab Cup

    Today marks 6 months until the 2021 Arab Cup, and excitement is growing. An Arab Cup champion has not been crowned since Morocco in 2012, the last competition to be organised by UAFA. The 2021 edition has had a facelift and will be the first organised by FIFA. It replaces the Confederations Cup as a […]

    Go Virtual With Your Site Inspections

    Virtual Tours – A self-navigation through an apartment or hotel room. 360° Video Tour – A video recording allowing a 360-degree pan view of an entire space. Virtual Site Inspections – A video call, in which our team presents a property. Luxury apartment virtual tour The global fight against COVID-19 continues into 2021 and most [...]

    2020 Club World Cup venues and teams announced

    The 2020 Club World Cup new dates: 1 – 11 Feb 2021 3 stadiums to host (All venues selected will also host 2022 FWC fixtures) Opening game to be played at Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium with the Final to be held at Education City Stadium 6 of the 7 teams have qualified The global club competition will bring […]

    Hotel shortage in Qatar a hot topic

    When over 200 key decision-makers recently attended webinars about accommodation solutions in Qatar, the question on everyone’s mind wasn’t whether France will be able to defend the title. The burning question was whether there will be enough affordable rooms available in the tiny Gulf country. Predictions suggest that 1 million people will visit Qatar during […]

    Qatar celebrates “2 years to go” – Search for accommodation has started

    It is only two years until Qatar hosts the world. Hopefully, it will be another global event at which a vaccine creates a safer environment for all. Qatar is the first Middle East country to host such a massive event. The richest country in the world has built extraordinary stadia and all infrastructure projects are […]

    Excitement for FWC grows as qualifiers gain momentum

    A hat trick by Neymar, the Paris Saint-Germain and Brazil forward, was the highlight of the first FWC qualifiers in South America. Argentina’s Leo Messi scored the only goal against Peru. Both superstars are looking forward to the first-ever Football Spectacle in the Middle East, taking place from 20 November to 18 December 2022. Qatar, [...]

    Digital site inspections

    The worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus has forced many industries to adapt and innovate to move forward. At Khaya it is no different as the global travel restrictions have initiated a drive to include more technology in our daily work. We have identified that webinars and Virtual Reality (VR) tours provide an effective way to […]

    Qatar to host guests in hotels and apartments

    With over 12-years’ experience in the real estate and sports events accommodation industry, Khaya is uniquely positioned to deliver accommodation and hospitality solutions for the upcoming 2022 FWC in Qatar. Due to a shortage of hotel rooms, Qatar will need to make use of alternative accommodation solutions for visitors. The organisers have identified the real [...]

    Khaya 2022 FWC Webinar

    Travel restrictions around the world are causing havoc with event preparations. Khaya is in a unique position to give its clients insight information, that no one else can offer. Over the past week, we have successfully completed 3 sessions with overwhelming feedback. Our “Beijing 2022 Webinar” featured 122 attendees, spread across 26 countries, from all […]

    2022 FWC Qatar – Khaya Accommodation

    The 2022 FWC is expected to be the first global event with sell-out crowds post-Covid 19. As fans around the world are getting excited, FIFA keeps mum on ticket sales. It is rumoured that ticket sales will not start before January 22, less than a year from the kick-off of the World Cup. Accommodation is […]

    2022 FWC Qatar, Your Doha map

    Today marks 3 years until the world’s biggest sporting event hits the shores of Qatar, and our team is ready and excited to support everyone preparing for the event! We’ve created a map of Qatar to help our clients understand where the new stadiums will be situated and what the new metro routes are. The […]

    Come and explore Doha with us!

    The face of Doha changes radically every few years, and it’s little wonder, as the gas rich country is one of the fastest developing in the world. It is difficult to keep track as new roads and bridges are built everywhere, to cope with the increase in traffic. As the upcoming host of the 2022 […]

    Ultra Modern Metro

    London was the very first city to introduce underground trains. Doha is the most recent, and it certainly boasts the most modern system. As always, Qatar hasn’t spared any expense and wants to lead the way with its projects. It is a great investment for the city. While roads are congested during rush hour, one […]

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