White Linen Storm hits PyeongChang

With Christmas having come and gone, even Santa’s helpers are taking a well earned break.

– Not so for team Khaya in Korea. Instead of wrapping gifts, Team Khaya has been tirelessly unwrapping new beds and sofas and turning residential apartments into upmarket residences for the soon-to-be arriving guests from Japan, the US, France, Canada and other countries
”We are exchanging mattresses and putting brand new beds into the apartments“, explains Khaya’s country manager Yeri Chun. Some of the owners have left items like old towels or their worn couches in the apartments. The Khaya crew is replacing all of them with new items. 

”We are creating a “home away from home“ atmosphere“, says Yeri.  ”And our guests have very high expectations.“ 

Thousands of white towels, duvet’s and sheets are being off-loaded in what could be called the largest white linen storm ever to have hit PyeongChang. 
Khaya is the world leader in private apartment letting at major sporting events. By now, the Khaya team resembles a well oiled machine, having hosted countless visitors to previous FIFA World Cups and Olympic Games. For these Winter Games, the company is hosting National Olympic Committees, broadcasters and sponsors in almost a thousand apartments. 

The next six weeks will be hectic


”The next six weeks will be hectic“, says CEO Volkhard Bauer, ”but once all of our guests have arrived, checked-in and the Games begin then a different phase of our operations begins and the mad rush will hopefully come to an end.“
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