Where space is not an issue

Hotel rooms in China’s capital city, Beijing, are large so guests to the Winter Games in 2022 can look forward to a luxurious experience as the hotels are built to impress with lots of amenities and services.

Khaya has selected only choice international hotel chains that have good access to the Olympic venues. Here guests will enjoy a very comfortable or even a luxurious experience depending on what level they choose.

China has leapfrogged into a new era and skiing and winter sport in general has become very fashionable all over the country. In the mountains of Chongli, where the Nordic and Ski Jump events will take place, you will find a myriad of new resorts that are open and operational as well as areas still to be completed before the games that offer many different types of stay options.

The Alpine and Sliding venues at Yanqing are somewhat limited and are squeezed into the mountains with very little accommodation and entertainment to offer. We strongly recommend staying in the Chongli area and travelling by bus to the events at Yanqing.

The Khaya team is happy to offer you our expert guidance as you choose the accommodation that will best fit your needs during these upcoming Olympic Winter Games.

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