Ultra Modern Metro

London was the very first city to introduce underground trains. Doha is the most recent, and it certainly boasts the most modern system. As always, Qatar hasn’t spared any expense and wants to lead the way with its projects. It is a great investment for the city. While roads are congested during rush hour, one can have a hassle-free ride underground.

A glimpse into the first-class carriage.

The first of three lines opened last month. The red line connects the city of Wakrah with downtown Doha and the business hub of West Bay. The ride takes 30 minutes to cover 20 kilometers. A ride costs around $0.5. There are separate carriages for families and men. There is also a first-class carriage, which offers more space and luxurious seats. A ticket costs $2 per ride. Underground train stations are huge and will accommodate thousands of football fans travelling to the stadiums in 2022.

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