Try a tasty Daigaku Don at Tanga Market

Tanga Market is known as the kitchen of Kitakyushu with a rich history of more than 100 years. 120 stores trading in local seafood and vegetables are lined up inside this traditional market.

We recommend you try the Daigaku Don, a type of rice bowl. Daigaku Don is a speciality of Tanga, providing the opportunity for guests to visit various stores in the market and enjoy a delicious meal.

My pork and greens Daigaku Don

Daigakudo is a small restaurant in the heart of the Tanga Market which is gaining notoriety. When you buy Daigaku Don at this restaurant, they will serve you a bowl of rice and you can then walk throughout Tanga Market, bowl in hand, searching for your favoured toppings.

The price varies according to each establishment, but most dishes cost only a few hundred yen ($3).

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