Time travel event tips, the Rafa way…

There are less than 200 days to go before the XXIII Olympic Winter Games to be held in PyeongChang 2018. As he prepares for his trip to Korea, our Sales director, Rafael Sperotto shares five tips that might help you make the most of your event trip.

Tip (1) – Keep your itinerary within reach
Unless you are in Asia, you are very likely taking one (if not two) long-haul flights.
It may be good to note that Korean authorities could ask for your return flight and accomodation details. Print all this information and keep it within reach.

Tip (2) – Reward yourself
Being away from your family, friends and daily routine must pay off at some point, right? That’s exactly what frequent traveller programs are for! Make sure you do not forget to have your airline, car rental and hotel loyalty program numbers at hand. You also might want to check AwardWallet – an app that helps you keeping track of multiple Award programs.

Tip (3) – Avoid jet lag
This is particularly important if you need to get to work on the day you arrive – or early the next morning. The first tip I have is to try to find flights that arrive in the late afternoon. This way, by the time you have settled at your hotel you are already tired and can get to sleep – and wake up fresh next day. If that is not possible, then try to:

• Avoid coffee and alcohol (they act as stimulants).

• Get sunlight (the sun is one of the most important biological regulators, staying indoors will make your jetlag last longer).

• Try, if possible, to anticipate the time change and slowly modify your routine to adapt to that of the destination.

Tip (4) – Give yourself some cushion
Arrive one day earlier and leave one day after. This is another very good way of overcoming jet lag.
Allow yourself some time to settle and to pack at ease. Besides, did you know that pre- and post-rates with Khaya are significantly cheaper than event-time rates?

Tip (5) – Keep active
Usually a packed work schedule around events totally changes our routine – and we end up neglecting ourselves. Don’t! Unless your work involves carrying things around (your mouse left and right doesn’t count!), you’d better exercise. If you cannot have the luxury of having a gym like our guests staying at SkyTerra (see article on page three), then opt for stairs rather than the elevator, go for a walk or at the very least, stretch from time to time.

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