This trio has visited more hotels in Tokyo than anyone else. (From left to right) Tami, Mana and Kay.

The Greater Tokyo Area is the most populous metropolitan area in the world with 38 million people.


Tokyo itself is not only an economic magnet, but also a mecca for Asian tourists.

The number of hotel rooms exceeds 100 000, and all of them will be occupied during the Olympic Games. The demand will, however, outstrip what is available.

Kay (left) and Mana at one of the biggest hotels in the Bay Area.

Finding hotels in the right locations at the right price – this is the task that Kay, Mana and Tami have been doing for some time now.

The trio has inspected hundreds of hotel rooms across the city.

“We have a very good idea what Khaya’s clients expect in terms of quality and location of the hotel”, says country manager, Kay Kitamura. Kay worked in PyeongChang at the Winter Games and met with many of our clients. “The Bay Area is where most of our guests want to be, so we are focusing our efforts there”, explains Kay.

The Khaya logo is already a familiar sight in Tokyo.

Other areas where they are inspecting and contracting hotels are around Izu, where many cycling events will take place.

Japan is a close-knit society and Khaya’s strategy of employing local experts is paying off once more. The trio is unearthing incredible hotel options for Tokyo 2020 and Khaya’s clients can look forward to having the best possible hotel rooms to choose from.

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