Saint Petersburg – questions that need to be answered

Russia’s second largest city will play an important part in the World Cup, but it faces a few challenges in the build-up to the event.

Getting to and from the island will be an interesting experience, because of the lift bridges. These bridges connect the city during the day, but close at varying times at night, to let passenger liners and military vessels into the port city of St Petersburg. It’ll be interesting to see if the times will be changed to accommodate increased visitors and traffic.

Unlike most other countries, Uber is not a major player in Russia, particularly in St Petersburg. Alternatives such as Gett and Yandex are reliable and cost-effective. Being able to communicate in Russian is a near must for both, while Uber drivers – and related technology – accommodate English. The strategy for transportation services for the Confederations Cup and World Cup, which the Russian government recently implemented, still has plenty to deliver.

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