RWC Host City: Tokyo

Planning your Rugby World Cup or Summer Games itinerary, and wondering which sites to visit in and around Tokyo? Read all about our local insights in this two-part post.



Shinjuku Station is said to be the world’s busiest railway station, with over two million passengers passing through it each day. The area offers great access to various directions in Tokyo.

Shinjuku boasts massive department stores, each of which caters to a different class of customer. From the bargain basement, Keio, to run-of-the-mill Odakyu, through to the ubiquitous Marui, Takashimaya and up to the best of them all, Isetan. Basement floors called depachika offers an abundance of fresh fruits, produce, meats, fish, groceries and many delicious takeouts. They’re a great way to experience a wide variety of Japanese cuisine in a single location.

Asakusa / Sumida / Oshiage


Home to one of the most popular tourist spots in the city, Tokyo Sky Tree Town, has the world’s tallest free-standing broadcast tower. The area around the tower has lots of options for shopping and entertainment.

By contrast, the areas of Sumida and Oshiage are crowded with people enjoying the sights of shitamachi areas, the traditional commercial and working class neighborhood of Tokyo. Just across the Sumida-gawa river is the district of Asakusa, where you will find the Kaminari-mon gate with its huge red lantern, and the Senso-ji temple, both of which are landmarks in Japanese history.



Rikishi wrestlers donning yukata robes are a common sight in Ryogoku, which is known as the heartland of professional sumo wrestling. Visitors can witness the power of the rikishi wrestlers up close. The Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Hall is well located, and has hosted numerous sumo tournaments.



Ueno is well known for its cultural atmosphere with its art galleries, museums, fine arts universities and Ueno Park. A trip to the bustling Ameyoko Shopping Street will lead you to a jewellery wholesale district, and much more. One can also experience traditional Japanese performing arts, such as theatrical entertainment and comical story telling or rakugo, here.



Commonly referred to as Akiba, Akihabara is well known as one of the leading electronic districts in the world. There are various establishments around the district, with stores selling the latest electronic gadgets such as computers and smartphones, and even electrical parts. Akihabara is also known as a mecca for anime and manga fans.



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