Rugby powerhouses meet in Japan

2 Years to go until rugby powerhouses meet in Japan..
The Web Ellis trophy is up for grabs and with Khaya as your designated management company, we will make sure that the rugby teams are not the only winners to emerge from this competition.…

On the 10th of May, South African coach, Alistair Coetzee wrote:” To us, it does not matter who we draw, because to win the Rugby World Cup, you have to beat the best teams out there”

This comment may have been apt in light of the RWC draw in which South Africa is set to play New Zeeland in the opening phases. There was much speculation around the classic old rivalry between these 2 teams.

Fast forward to September and what was previously referred to as a rivalry, can now be called utter domination as the Boks recorded their biggest defeat ever at the hands of the All Blacks who scored a total of 57 unanswered points.

The huge chasm between the top team and the next top 5 teams may just be robbing the event of some of the suspense we feel in rooting for the home team.

However, we should remember that there are 2 more years to go and all is not lost. The teams that have been handed a drubbing, still have time to get things right by putting better structures in place.

In the past while, there has been much speculation about Japan’s readiness to host the RWC, referring to the stadiums and the infrastructure and also the game of ruby, as it is being taken up by the locals.

In the end, one needs to realize that the success of the competition is reliant on many teams, and we are not only referring to those who swing a ball. Whilst the Springboks need to put some structures into place, where the management and players begin to exhibit leadership both on and off the field, these structures are also important to the teams who are in charge of other logistical area’s of the event. Stadiums, public transport, local hotels are all having to continue being accountable for their specific area’s until they are ready to host.

At Khaya, we believe in the concept of total accountability. We started a long time ago, by putting structures into place which would allow our local scouts to exhibit their leadership skills in the best possible way. This allows for innovation to flourish and team spirit to grow. You may even conclude that we are slightly ahead of the Springboks in that we are not having to return to the drawing board with our structures. Our Launchpad is a highly successful set of structures which have allowed us and our travel agent clients to thrive in the pressure situations which present themselves during the FIFA World Cup and Olympic events. – the different event, same spirit.

If you are looking for a DMC that is already on a winning formulae give us a call. We are building on past successes and invite you to be part of the journey… It’s an area which, like the All Blacks, we plan to dominate…

Let’s make the most of the next 2 years!

The Khaya Team

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