Qatari apartments to host 2022 World Cup patrons

With over 10-years’ experience in the real estate and sport events accommodation industry, Khaya is uniquely positioned to deliver accommodation and logistic solutions for the upcoming 2022 FWC in Qatar.

Due to a shortage of hotel rooms, Qatar will need to make use of alternative accommodation solutions for visitors. The organisers have identified the real estate sector as being perfectly poised to alleviate the lack of hotel rooms.

Accommodation for the 2022 FWC

Since the 2010 spectacle in South Africa, Khaya has specialised in turning apartments and villas into hotel-style accommodation at various sporting events. This has provided Khaya with the expertise in finding the right properties for medium to large-sized groups.

As one of the wealthiest countries in the world, Qatar is home to a booming real estate sector which has seen an increase of new developments in Doha and Lusail, and the rejuvenation of the older parts of Doha – Mushaireb and Bin Mahmoud. These areas have properties that are extremely spacious and offer a variety of amenities including a swimming pool and gym.

Khaya has begun to share its expertise and insight into the Qatari real estate market with its clients from around the world with the aim of giving them a better understanding of the opportunities that this type of accommodation offers.

Volkhard Bauer, CEO of Khaya, and Gabriela Nicolau of Khaya Doha have hosted a series of webinars in which they identified the most suitable areas of Qatar. They showcased the numerous alternative accommodation options, from high-rise towers, apartment buildings to villa compounds, which will all be used in 2022.

Alternative accommodation types

Another key topic canvassed during the webinars was the infrastructure projects underway in the capital of Qatar, Doha. The city is undergoing a transformation that includes new roads and a world-class metro system allowing for convenient access to the eight stadiums.

The advantage of a “compact” World Cup is that visitors will not need to travel great distances to attend matches, with the stadiums all within a 60km radius. This makes selecting the correct accommodation even more important.

60km radius around Doha

Volkhard believes, “Now is a good time to further your plans. Apartments will be in high demand and the most-sought after accommodation will be quickly snapped up”.

Khaya has also showcased various properties using Virtual Reality (VR) Tours to give all a better appreciation of the look and feel of the various options.

Khaya has conducted numerous site inspections as early as 2018 and Gabriela Nicolau invites clients to join her in Qatar, once the travel restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic have been lifted.

Watch some highlights of the webinars here.

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