Qatar celebrates “2 years to go” – Search for accommodation has started

Khayas team in Doha offers tailormade accommodation solutions for groups of all sizes

It is only two years until Qatar hosts the world. Hopefully, it will be another global event at which a vaccine creates a safer environment for all.

Qatar is the first Middle East country to host such a massive event. The richest country in the world has built extraordinary stadia and all infrastructure projects are on schedule.

One of the biggest challenges facing visitors to Qatar will be finding suitable accommodation. The country has approximately 35-thousand hotel rooms. Most of these will be used to accommodate the participating teams and officials.

One million fans are expected to descend on Qatar for the event – The country heavily relies on its real estate sector to accommodate the visitors

This event will be the first global event that relies to such a large degree on its real estate market to house fans, media and others. This is in line with the host country’s goal to create a sustainable event.

One of the companies offering apartments and villas for the FWC in Qatar is Khaya, an experienced accommodation specialist. In celebration of the “2 years until the event” Khaya launched its accommodation portfolio to a wider audience and bookings have already come streaming in.

In a series of Webinars Khaya illustrated to international travel agencies and others of what to expect in Qatar.

Preparations for the World Cup are in full swing at Khayas office in Doha

“We realized that there is a real appetite for reliable information on this topic”, explains Khaya’s CEO Volkhard Bauer.

“People want to know what the apartments look like and what is available at what price. We have accumulated an extensive portfolio ranging from apartments for budget-orientated fans to comfortable 4-star properties. We even have high-end 5-star hotel rooms in our portfolio.”

Qatar boasts many extravagant apartment buildings which will host the visitors

Khaya’s expertise in turning real estate into hotel-style accommodation has proved to be invaluable. Over the last 10 years, Khaya has played an instrumental role in offering alternative accommodation solutions at major sports events, including a number of World Cups and Olympic Games.

“We specialise in furnishing and managing villas and apartments according to the expectations of our clients”, says Khaya’s COO Mayara Sperotto.

35 000 hotel rooms will not be enough to accommodate the fans from around the world

“Our company has done this at three previous major events and we will be running our operations in Qatar in the same manner. Clients can book a wide variety of services and we will ensure that the guests have a wonderful experience in Qatar.”

All eight stadia are located within a 60km radius. This will be a new experience for fans accustomed to travelling from city to city to follow their team. Now fans can stay at the same location for the duration of the tournament and attend a match every day.

According to statistics, 2.9 million foreigners visited Russia during the 2018 spectacle. Qatar braces itself for over one million visitors during the month-long event.

Not only are the traditional football markets such as South America and Europe expected to descend on this tiny country but many from the Arab world, as well as football-fanatic countries like Iran and India, will arrive in large numbers.

In addition to hotels and alternative accommodation, cruise ships and tented camps are also planned to house the influx of fans from all corners of the world.

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