New hotels in Tokyo

Good news from Tokyo is that our clients have a selection of brand new hotels to choose from. Kay and her team have secured over 400 rooms in new hotels that will open in time for the Games.

With the Olympics looming, Tokyo’s hotel industry is rushing to finish several new hotels in central Tokyo.

Khaya is proud to offer high-end hotel rooms at the Fraser Suites in Akasaka, one of the most sought after areas of Tokyo. Rooms there are really spacious, with sizes between 35 and 42 square metres, featuring modern designs. Fraser Suites is one of the leading brands offering hotel rooms that are also suitable for long-stay guests, since they are equipped with a kitchenette.

A further two new hotels can be found close to the Shimbashi metro station, from which one can access all the areas in greater Tokyo, especially the Bay Area, where half of the Olympic events are taking place.

The JR Kyushu Blossom Shimbashi is the new flagship hotel of this well-known chain. The hotels sits atop an office building overlooking central Tokyo, and includes views of The Emperor’s Palace and Tokyo Tower. Khaya has secured 50 double rooms, each of which are 20 sqm large, and features interior design that is rooted in Japanese tradition, using wood and wallpaper from Southern Japan. The hotel’s 22nd floor restaurant also offers sweeping views over Tokyo.

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