Low ticket sales and transport are cause for concer

Not a single week goes by without the North Korean issue making headlines. Our South Korean colleagues remain unaffected. They have learnt to live with their neighbour’s aggressive nature.

Our Korean staff stay untroubled because they know that any military action by North Korea would ultimately lead to its destruction. Khaya’s preparations are steaming ahead despite unease and new staff members are joining us daily.

Transport system
The transport system for Games time is still sketchy, POCOG leaves many National Olympic Committees and other stakeholders guessing about their plans, when instead they should deliver solutions. Poor ticket sales are another concern, the Korean public does not seem to be interested in winter sports.

Rugby World Cup
Not only the Olympics, but also the Rugby World Cup preparations are lagging behind. World Rugby, the international body has publicly asked Japan’s Organizing Committee to roll up its sleeves. In a surprise move the announcement of the match schedule, two years ahead of RWC, has been postponed. The event was scheduled to take place in Tokyo on 20 September. World Rugby decided to move the event to its headquarters in London. The match schedule will now be released on the 2nd of November.

It is not only the Organizing Committee who seem to be overwhelmed, but also Japan’s hospitality industry. Hotels in Japan aren’t accustomed to receiving booking requests two years out.

Most have decided to wait for the match schedule to be announced and will thereafter finalise their rates. Travel agencies from the major rugby playing nations can be assured that there will be plenty of stock available by the end of the year. Khaya’s team in Japan is on the ball and will be able to offer hotels in all categories as well as serviced apartments.

FIFA World Cup
Meanwhile, Russia is gearing up for the Final Draw in Moscow on 1 December. In a rare occasion President Putin will open the Kremlin to the public eye. Putin wants to show the world that his country is able to deliver. If you require support for the Draw or the FIFA World Cup, don’t hesitate and get in touch with us. During the Confed Cup, our team proved that we can deliver a seamless logistics support service.

The coming months will be extremely eventful. Be assured that Khaya is on top of things at any given time.

Kind regards

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