Liverpool win Club World Cup Fans say “Cheers”

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is only a 1000 days away. The football world is turning its full attention to the host country and every single detail of the preparations will be watched and scrutinized. More and more stadiums are nearing completion and in 2020, three more stadiums are expected to be handed over.

Delivery of Qatar Foundation Stadium was delayed by only a few days in December which meant a crucial deadline to get the necessary permits was missed and the FIFA Club World Cup could not be held there. Instead, almost all of the matches where staged at Khalifa Stadium. Liverpool FC were crowned champions after a 1-0 victory over Flamengo. 

All the visiting fans to Qatar where impressed by the level of preparation and sophistication they found in Doha. Access to the stadium was well organized and a lot of the spectators made use of Doha’s new metro system.

One of the most interesting tests didn’t happen at the stadium but at the nearby Qatar Foundation Golf Club. All of the matches were shown on a big screen at the club and fans were permitted to purchase alcoholic beverages. A ground-breaking event would be understating this visible effort on the part of Qatar to accommodate the wishes of international fans who want to be able to enjoy a drink while watching a match. 

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