Last rooms up for grabs

Last rooms up for grabs – local scouts ready to host the guests


The demand for rooms in Russia has surpassed all expectations. “In addition to our regulars we have quite a number of new clients”, reveals CEO, Volkhard Bauer. All of them can be assured of world-class service during the event.

Khaya’s team now spans all across Russia. Local scouts in Volgograd, Rostov, Ekaterinburg and the other host cities will make sure that everything runs smoothly, and guests can focus on their work or enjoy the matches at the stadiums.

Khaya’s local scouts are a familiar sight at major sporting events.

Khaya’s guests can live like locals as our scouts are happy to show them their favourite restaurants and bars.

“All the scouts from the 12 host cities will soon come to Moscow for a training course”, explains COO, Sebastian Schmidt. “All of them have a background in hospitality. We just need to teach them how to do it the ‘Khaya way’.”

“It is the sixth event where this successful concept with local scouts will be implemented”, says Volkhard. “Our clients are used to getting expert advice in each city and we at the head office in Moscow are assured that things run smoothly across the country.”

At the UEFA EURO in France we were still called KhayaMedia.

There are only a few rooms left for certain matches.

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