Lanze Livings taking shape

Lanze Livings development site – 18 Oct 2020

Electricians and carpenters have moved on-site at Lanze Livings, the new development in the Taizicheng precinct. The upmarket hotel project in the heart of the Beijing 2022 mountains is shaping up. According to the engineer’s work is on schedule and the hotel apartments will be able to host guests from September 2021.

Taizicheng is an integrated village with shopping and food outlets, right in front of the Taizicheng railway station.

In the heart of this development sits the Medal Plaza, where Olympic champions of the winter games will be crowned.

Athletes Village – A stone throw away

It is expected that the area will also become the home of several nations houses.

The development is geared for the cold climate, offering an underground connection to the shopping mall, the hotel apartments, the transit hub and the Taizicheng train station.

Khaya is offering this prime accommodation to its local and international clients. Lanze Livings allows guests to stay in the hub of the action.

Progress of the project can be viewed through drone footage online.

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