Khaya’s gym and 7-Eleven at Sky Terra

Guests, who will stay at Sky Terra during the Winter Games will be pleased to hear about the latest developments.

Khaya is proud to announce that our state-of-the-art gym has opened its doors. The gym is fitted with first-rate equipment and accommodates everyone’s workout needs.

The 7-Eleven brand has finally arrived at SkyTerra. The convenience store is located next to the front desk of the aparthotel. Guests can grab anything from instant noodles, sandwiches, coffee and beer – or whatever your guilty pleasure after work might be. This sort of ‘home away from home’ helpfulness is a must.

The restaurant at Alpen Hill, which is adjacent to Sky Terra, is available for rent before and during Games time. It is the ideal venue for sponsors, broadcasters or NOCs who wish to host private catered functions.

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