Khaya, offering a brand-new property, right next to the Mordovia Arena in Saransk.


In no other city in Russia are hotel rooms in such high demand as in Saransk. The capital of the Mordovian Republic has 200 000 inhabitants and only a few hotels. The shortage of rooms in Saransk is so great that some guests are staying in hotels that are 1.5 hours away by car.

Khaya is proud to be able to offer a brand-new property, right next to the Mordovia Arena. The Tavla complex consists of two hotels and an aparthotel. Khaya has secured apartments and will be able to offer our guests newly furnished and spacious rooms.
Book now and be one of the lucky guests who have the luxury of walking to the stadium. Rooms at the Tavla are selling out fast. Contact us

Save on transport as you walk to the stadium.
The brand-new Tavla complex consists of hotels and apartments.
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