Khaya 2022 FWC Webinar

Travel restrictions around the world are causing havoc with event preparations.

Khaya is in a unique position to give its clients insight information, that no one else can offer.

Over the past week, we have successfully completed 3 sessions with overwhelming feedback. Our “Beijing 2022 Webinar” featured 122 attendees, spread across 26 countries, from all corners of the globe. Remarkably 100% of the audience voted that our webinar had assisted them tremendously in their preparations for the games.

Team Khaya Qatar

Up next, our Qatari team is ready to introduce you to some of our accommodation options available during the 2022 FWC.

We will also discuss local culture and etiquette, expected weather and our full service offering.

We strive to provide clarity and confidence as we maintain Khaya’s position as your trusted accommodation provider for major sporting events.

Join us for our 2022 FWC Webinar, by registering for one of the events at your preferred date and time.

To register, kindly visit your respective link and complete the registration form.

Thursday 18th June 11am (CET)

Thursday 18th June 4pm (CET)

Thursday 25th June 9am (CET)

Thursday 25th June 11am (CET)

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