KFC will tickle your taste buds

In these tough times, it is important to look forward to things you will be able to enjoy again soon.

The Olympics in Tokyo will certainly be an exciting event on all fronts. The Japanese hosts have been working tirelessly to make these upcoming games a very special one.

Along with  all the tremendous sporting events and spectacle, Tokyo also promises to be a world class culinary experience, after all Tokyo is one of the world capitals of fine food.

There is no better way to enjoy Japan than through its varied and unique cuisine, there is a lot more to savour than just sushi and sashimi.

Have you ever heard of:

There are thousands of restaurants, from $ to $$$ and each one of them has its own identity and specialty.

To make your life easier our team has created the Khaya Food Club (KFC) and we have compiled a myriad of wonderful pre-selected restaurants for every budget and taste. Places

off the beaten track and specially chosen to offer you a culinary adventure with authentic and affordable food.

A taste of Tokyo, a taste of Japan with KFC. Watch this space.

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