Japan has experienced an unseasonal summer heatwave that has pushed the mercury to record-breaking highs.

The hottest day was recorded at 41 °C. The heat, coupled with high humidity, poses a real challenge for organisers of the 2020 Summer Games.

The Governor of Tokyo has highlighted the issue, saying that dealing with the heat will be one pillar necessary for the success of the games. TOCOG, the organising committee, has already planned several countermeasures such as the installation of cooling mist showers for athletes and spectators.

The planned cooling mist showers

The marathon runners will be most affected, so to protect the runners the city of Tokyo is planning to lay heat-blocking pavements that reflect ultraviolet rays and will reduce the temperature by as much as 8 degrees. They will also plant taller roadside trees along the marathon route.

Final schedules will be planned with the main consideration being to protect athletes and spectators from the sweltering temperatures. The committee will prepare concrete measures after studying the results of the next test events.

Khaya will introduce our clients to the methods that Japanese people are already using to stay cool – wrapping a wet towel around the neck and making use of ice-packs and hand fans.

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