Kaliningrad gets a polish

This city’s deviation from the Russian norm should make for some interesting exploration for visitors

Make no mistake, the city of Kaliningrad is quite an unusual choice for a host city for the FIFA World Cup. Not only is it diminutive when compared to other host cities, boasting only a handful of cafés and restaurants, but herein lies its charm too. All you need is literally a 15-minute walk to cross the city. Over the years Kaliningrad has developed its own identity and this deviation from the Russian norm should make for some interesting exploration for visitors.

The people of Kaliningrad sometimes see themselves as a people separate from Mother Russia and it is not uncommon to hear them refer to what THEY do as opposed to what is commonly done in Russia. This may have something to do with their geography and history.

Upliftment of a City

The World Cup is a prime example of how a major sporting event can uplift a city. The town has transformed into a hotbed of activity, with virtually all buildings in its tiny city center undergoing extensive renovations.

While the World Cup has created much eager anticipation from Kaliningrad’s 400,000 inhabitants, much work still needs to be done before the arrival of the world’s football fans.

The stadium is under construction, but has a long way to go before its scheduled completion.

Currently, a single road services the access to the stadium.

Plans are in place to expand on the transportation network to and from the stadium.

For those planning to catch a flight out of this small town, be advised that the airport is a 26km drive from the city center.

For all its challenges, this little town is setting its sights on becoming a noteworthy stop for football fans. Rest assured that Khaya’s team is already on the ground, helping you in finding the right accommodation!

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