Japan’s Most Precious Period

Golden Week plays an important role in Japan’s calendar. It is the longest vacation period for many Japanese workers. Four public holidays fall into this period and many take paid time off during this holiday.

Outgoing Emperor Akihito

This year, Golden Week is even more special as Crown Prince Naruhito takes the throne from his 85-year-old father, as the 126th Emperor of the country. The new Imperial era has been named Reiwa, which is Kanji for good fortune, peace or harmony.

Golden Week starts on 27 April and runs until 6 May. During this time, many companies will be closed for business, since their employees are travelling. Trains and flights are fully booked. Some hotels are charging astronomical rates, but still, rooms across the country have nearly sold out. This is a good indication of what to expect during the Olympic Games period in 2020.

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