Investing in a coach

So, why should you have a coach?

Personally, I believe it depends on what you value. If you value exploring your own life and mind, if you value understanding how you function and where you get stuck; if you want to clarify what’s important to you and gain a fresh perspective, then you may want to engage a life coach.

One of the principal myths about personal coaching is that it is for people who can’t succeed on their own. We are so trained in fixing things and problem solving that we believe we are weak when we struggle, and we don’t ask for help. Is Roger Federer’s coach a better tennis player than Roger? No. Is the vocal coach of Madonna or Sting a better singer? No. Still, all those coaches help them to “become” better.


Do you think life is treating you fairly?

Are you resigned to it or are you shaping it? How is your physical, financial or emotional health? If you have open questions in these areas, you should invest in a coach. A coaching conversation isn’t about “fixing”, it’s a compass, its about how to make your life more meaningful, be more balanced, fulfilled and live the life you truly deserve.
Don’t make a living at the expense of how to live. Champions use coaches, amateurs often don’t.

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