Go Virtual With Your Site Inspections

  • Virtual Tours – A self-navigation through an apartment or hotel room.
  • 360° Video Tour – A video recording allowing a 360-degree pan view of an entire space.
  • Virtual Site Inspections – A video call, in which our team presents a property.
Luxury apartment virtual tour

The global fight against COVID-19 continues into 2021 and most countries still restrict incoming travellers.

Preparations for the next major events need to continue and to overcome this vacuum Khaya is offering more virtual based inspections.

Our teams around the world have found creative ways to replicate the traditional site inspections of the hotels and apartments we offer.

In Beijing Khaya recently did 3 real-time virtual site inspections of properties close to the Olympic Park, as well as the mountain venues.

Sales for the 2022 FWC in Qatar kicked-off in December, exactly two years before the event. With Qatar’s borders still closed, our team in Doha can offer plenty of solutions. They’re recording 360° videos of all the hotels, apartments and villa compounds we have contracted.

360-degree Video Tour

With over 50 options, you can be assured to find the best property for your group.

Virtual real-time inspections have proven to be extremely effective. Our team takes clients through the apartments and hotel rooms and clients have the opportunity to ask questions and take a close look at details.

During these virtual inspections, our team can also give clients a feel of the surrounding area, including shops, restaurants and access to public transport.

We invite you to make use of our teams around the world. The Summer Games in Tokyo and Winter Games in Beijing, as well as the FWC in Qatar, are getting closer. Khaya’s teams are happy to take you on a virtual tour.

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