Flights, trains and chauffeurs

When it comes to understanding the lay of the land, there are few companies who can match Khaya’s ability to find the best accommodation solutions in Russia.

Our services extend further than finding a cosy hotel. We believe that an enjoyable trip also requires a comfortable journey using the best modes of transport available.
Khaya’s solutions are designed to offer seamless transitions between game venue, hotel and airport. Russia is the largest country on earth and the distances between the host cities are vast enough to necessitate air travel.


To date, no extra flights have been announced. When these tickets are finally made available, Khaya will be on standby to make appropriate reservations. This explains why it is so important to work with a local agency, which has its finger on the pulse.


This counterpart to Aeroflot will also be announcing extra flights, as they did during the Confederations Cup, when they introduced additional passage between Sochi and Kazan. This airline is smaller and more flexible and is aiming to release the extra flight schedule in good time.

High-speed trains

The train schedule in Russia can be daunting, as tickets can only be booked 2 months before departure. While the high-speed train between Moscow and St. Petersburg is a viable alternative to flying, we should note that not many of the other host cities offer convenient train solutions.

Let us take the headache out of your travel arrangements. Khaya offers customised solutions for ground and air transportation. Our drivers are available to take you to the stadium or the airport in a vehicle of your choice. The hiring of limousines, vans or buses can be costly in Russia, but rest assured – Khaya will secure the most competitive rates for you.

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