First guests arrive in Tokyo but work visas an issue

The Opening Ceremony may still be six months away, but some guests have already checked into their apartments in Tokyo. They will certainly play their part in making these Olympic Games the most talked about and probably the best event ever.

Never before has there been such a rush to get tickets for an Opening Ceremony, with tickets selling for $10.000 on the black market.

Japan’s officials have shown very little mercy for companies that provide services around the event. Work visas are still hard to come by but it is only one of the facets and difficulties everyone involved has to get accustomed to.

Khaya’s team is growing in numbers to service all the guests. We are happy to announce that some of the staff that were involved at our Rio 2016 operations have recently rejoined and moved to Tokyo.

So good is the reputation of Khaya in Japan, that hotels and apartment providers approach us to sell their last remaining inventory.

This means we still have apartments in the Bay Area available and we are happy to provide you with a personalized offer. Serviced apartments have to be rented for a minimum of 30 nights as this is the law in Japan. For guests looking for something for a few nights only, there is no other way than to book a hotel, which happens to be a lot more expensive.

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