The final whistle at the 2022 FWC will sound exactly four years from today. To contribute towards the success of the event, renowned accommodation agency Khaya is partnering with Qatar’s NBK Holding, a well-respected business powerhouse.

With visitors to the country expected to exceed 1.2 million, the joint venture plans to provide accommodation, transport, and other guest services on a large scale. Since Doha only has a capacity of approximately 35,000 hotel rooms, Khaya Qatar plans to bridge the gap between real estate companies and visitors to the country.

The joint venture will offer serviced apartments to sponsors, federations, the media, and fans.

Over the last ten years, Khaya has become a leading expert in turning real estate into serviced accommodation during major sports events. At the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Games, Khaya successfully managed 2000 apartments in the heart of the games and helped solve the accommodation crisis. The innovative solution included the creation of “Khaya House”, a restaurant with a bar, which became famous for its pizza nights and karaoke. Khaya also opened a convenience store for their guests and operated a 24/7 shuttle bus service.

Carolina and Alina with guests from the USA.

Khaya is well established in the sports world, and also delivered hugely popular services at the 2018 FWC in Russia with clients from 32 countries.

There is talk in Qatar about visitors being accommodated in tented camps and on cruise ships, with apartment buildings probably being the main source of accommodation used to cater to the high volumes of visitors. Khaya’s offerings will reflect the large variety of housing options in Qatar, from villas and high-end apartment towers, to local Arab-style compounds.

Khaya was founded in South Africa in 2007 and now has 9 offices around the world, including an office in Tokyo. Another exciting project for the company is the upcoming 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo. Along with preparations for the 2019 World Cup of Rugby in Japan, Khaya is hard at work to deliver excellent service to its clients yet again.

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