Beijing Winter Games

Chongli… The place to be


With the experiences from Tokyo fresh on everyone’s mind, the attention of the wider Olympic family has turned to Beijing. The event is nearly three months away and so many questions are unanswered.


Will the Games go ahead?

Due to the pandemic, international test events couldn’t take place and were replaced by events for Chinese athletes. The venues are in top-notch condition. Preparations on all levels are well advanced. The Games will go ahead.


Will there be a bubble system?

The experiences from Tokyo have shown that keeping the participants in a bubble worked out well. The number of Corona cases in Tokyo was limited and the virus didn’t spread massively because of the Games.


Will international fans be allowed?

Authorized Ticket Resellers (ATR) around the world have been left in the dark. Normally tickets would have been on sale 1.5 years before the Games. China is holding back with information on this issue at the same time it wants to make sure that the stadiums will be filled with excited spectators. The vast majority will be Chinese supports as international guests will have to undergo a strict 3-week quarantine.


When will China release more information?

The Organizing Committee, BOCOG is said to be finalizing a playbook with the release date to be expected in late October. Sources close to the matter expect the playbook to define all areas in great detail so that no second playbook is needed.


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