Battle over Saransk hotels

* The announcement of the final draw has sparked off furious behind-the-scene activity

Moscow is abuzz after the announcement of the final draw for the FIFA World Cup. The 32 teams now know whom they will be facing in June of next year and this has sparked off furious activity from team management as these are finalizing the locations of their respective base camps.

Russia’s capital is the most sought after region, with Argentina, Germany, France, Belgium (and others) making their team base camps on the outskirts of the city of Moscow. With only a finite number of rooms available, there is a fierce battle raging as broadcasters and travel agencies are trying to secure the last available rooms.

Room availability under pressure

Even the city of Saransk, which is not a host city for any of the big names, is experiencing a shortage of rooms. Rostov is another case in point. Brazil and Mexico are both teams who enjoy a huge following. When these teams enter Rostov in the group stages, room availability will be put under even greater pressure, as most rooms are practically sold out. The good news is that Khaya was well prepared for the outcome of the final draw. Our pro-active approach has resulted in our being able to offer tailor-made accommodation solutions in all the host cities. If you are looking for rooms anywhere in Russia, we invite you to contact us at Our team members are on standby to find the exact type of accommodation for your specific needs. We have your back.

*Team Khaya in Russia has been hard at work, sourcing the best accommodation…

Now it’s time to relax and celebrate Christmas with our loved one’s.

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