A wet event?

Doha Floods – July 2022

The biggest threat to the World Cup perhaps isn’t terrorist attacks or misbehaving fans, but the natural elements. There is no protection against bad weather. In July, the Gulf region experienced extreme rainfall. It seemed as though the heavens opened over a 24-hour period.

In Dubai, the damage was substantial, with videos making the rounds.

Doha wasn’t spared either. Due to the lack of drainage infrastructure, the main road leading to the airport was closed. Parts of the city experienced heavy traffic, and many houses were flooded.

Doha experiences most of its rainfall during the winter months of November and December. Be prepared for chaos to erupt, should it rain during the event period. All of the event’s fine-tuned plans will be thrown overboard.

On match days, flights in and out of the city may also be affected by the rainfall.

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