99 or 100 days to go?

Was it a surprise or not? The World Cup calendar has been changed. Qatar will play the opening match and can celebrate itself.

Tens of thousands of fans have bought tickets, booked their flights and hotels and are now as upset as can be.

In Doha, impromptu changes frequently occur. Living in the Middle East, one gets used to it. But for the hundreds of thousands who will descend on Qatar for the World Cup, it will be a new experience.

The kick-off will be held on 20 November, a day earlier than planned. This will allow Qatar to present itself to the world as an amazing host.

The implications that this decision has on the months and years of planning, is yet to be seen.

The “100 days to the World Cup“ celebrations have been cancelled. 100 will become 99. And no, its not a joke.

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