5 points you need to know about Labour Camps

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5 points you need to know about Labour Camps

labour camp
A form of hostel-style accommodation that doesn’t allow guests a lot of private space. Shared bedrooms and toilet facilities make for a budget-orientated accommodation option.
Labour camps are in the spotlight and the Qatari authorities make sure that international rules are being adhered to.

If you are interested in using labour camps for staff accommodation or for fan groups you should be aware of these points.


Male and female guests cannot be housed in the same camp

In terms of Qatari law, unmarried women and unmarried men are not entitled to share facilities, including bedrooms, bathrooms as well as common areas. For this reason, it is illegal to house males and females in the same camp.



Toilets are limited at times – 100 people sharing 5 toilets

A common trend in the labour camps is the lack of adequate toilets. Firstly the average ratio is 20 pax to one toilet. The next issue is that only 1 of every 5 bathrooms come with a standard toilet and toilet seat, the remaining toilets are squat toilets.



No alcohol allowed in most circumstances

Nothing beats a cold beer after a long day’s work. Forget about it if you are housed at a labour camp. In most camps, alcohol is completely forbidden, and the nearest hotel, which might serve alcohol, is out of reach.



Locations are far from the city centre with no access to public transport

As hinted above, the location of labour camps is always remote. The camps are secluded from the public eye. Currently, there is no access to public transport. Commuting to supermarkets and places of interest is quite a challenge without pre-arranged transport.



Pre-booking, far in advance, is not possible

As operational plans for the events are being finalised, securing accommodation is a vital step in this process. Most labour camps are fully booked by local companies and pre-booking is not possible. When a camp becomes available it is quickly snatched up by the next local company looking to house workers.


These 5 points are important to consider when looking for staff accommodation in Qatar. As your trusted partner, Khaya will advise on the best possible options available.

If you would like to learn more about staff accommodation for larger groups at reasonable rates, reach out to us: sales@khaya.global


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