The Paris metro network is over 100 years old and, in many places, outdated. Many stations are uncomfortable and there are no escalators. For travellers with luggage, it is a horror, the same for families with small children and physically challenged people. The trains weave through old tunnels and can therefore not travel very fast.

Newly updated Gare De Saint-Ouen station

It is difficult to navigate the underground system and one can easily get lost, even in the times of apps.

5 million visitors are expected to the Olympics and Paris traffic is notorious for its traffic jams. There is no other way than to get around by metro or bicycle.

To make the most of using the metro and regional RER trains you should consider these few tips:

  • Choose your hotel wisely, ideally close to the most modern metro Line 14. It is a fully automated line. The train stations have elevators and escalators. Ligne 14 runs from the Athletes Village and Stade de France in the North to the south-east passing Chatelet and Gare de Lyon. The line will be extended further south ahead of the Olympics.
  • Consider the RER, the regional train, which mostly runs underground. It complements the Metro network.
  • There are five RER lines, with RER B being the most important for media people at the Olympics. In 15 minutes this train takes guests from Châtelet-Les-Halles, the heart of Paris to Le Bourget, where they have to connect to get to the International Broadcast Center, IBC.
  • RER D takes 8 minutes from Châtelet, to the Stade de France, which will be the Olympic Stadium in 2024.
  • There is plenty of metro stations which connect two or three lines. This sounds great but you should investigate these stations before choosing to use them for your daily commute during the Olympics. Some of them are spread out and it takes a long time to get from one line to the other.
  • We advise talking to your Khaya account manager. They know Paris and the best way to get to your destination. They know the “good metro lines” and will also help you find the right accommodation close to the desired metro or RER station.
  • There are several apps covering the Paris metro – we advise you use the PARIS METRO App, available on iPhone and Andriod.

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