The FIFA World Cup is the first post-COVID 19 event of magnitude and Khaya makes sure its guests will stay safe

After a 3-year hiatus, finally, the world of international sports is expected to return to its pre-pandemic glory! As vaccination rates rise and governments start relaxing their pandemic regulations, the FIFA World Cup in Qatar is seen as the first major sporting event in the post-pandemic era.

Accommodation agency Khaya is preparing for a bumper event at the end of the year. Fans from around the globe will descend on Doha in huge numbers as the appetite for big sports events is back.

Khaya has put even more emphasis on the safety and well-being of our guests, with a COVID-Free environment being the top priority.

The accommodation specialists will make sure that any hotel room or apartment offered by Khaya will be sanitized before and during the guests’ stay.

Temperature testing and free rapid tests are also part of Khaya’s way of addressing the pandemic.


Khaya’s housekeeping experts Daesik Park and Misook Shin Are leading “Project Stay Safe”. They have developed a training schedule which is two-fold.
1. Cleanliness: Khaya’s guests will experience the highest level of cleanliness, be it in hotels or apartments.
2. Hygiene and Prevention: All staff will undergo strict safety training with the emphasis on sanitation and dealing with preventive measures.

Qatar has already announced that only vaccinated fans with be allowed into the country.

Khaya has decided to go a step further. Its guests are guaranteed that all the accommodation offered by Khaya will have the same high safety standard when it comes to COVID-19.

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