The worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus has forced many industries to adapt and innovate to move forward. At Khaya it is no different as the global travel restrictions have initiated a drive to include more technology in our daily work.

We have identified that webinars and Virtual Reality (VR) tours provide an effective way to engage with our clients and introduce our hotels and apartments.

Normally, site inspections play a key role in helping our clients through the purchasing process, as our local team would usually arrange physical visits of the hotels and apartments.

Now we have had to implement an innovative yet convenient new approach to our site inspection due to the current international travel bans.

Visiting host countries like China and Qatar is currently not on the cards, but this cannot slow down the preparation process as all stakeholders will still need to make progress with their event planning.

Our last “live” site inspection in Doha in February.

Virtual Tours

A virtual tour is a simulation of an existing location, composed of a sequence of still images. This allows clients the chance to immerse themselves in our properties, by “walking” freely around the apartment and experiencing a 360-degree view from the apartment’s balcony.

While wearing a Virtual Reality headset would enhance the experience, we have found it not to be necessary.

Our virtual tours also offer “hot points” which are small pieces of information scattered around the property. A user can activate the “hot point” by hovering over it, to reveal the details it holds. These pieces of information would also normally be mentioned by our staff.

La Verna: Two-Bedroom Apartment, Aspire (Click to view this virtual tour)

Contact to discuss your accommodation requirements,  and our account managers will be more than willing to invite you on a virtual tour.

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