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Go for Gold! – PyeongChang

Go for Gold! – PyeongChang During the Games, while athletes have to share their apartments with fellow participants, their families and friends can enjoy the luxury of their own tranquil place and there is no better or more convenient place than

Khaya’s gym and 7-Eleven at Sky Terra

Khaya’s gym and 7-Eleven at Sky Terra Guests, who will stay at Sky Terra during the Winter Games will be pleased to hear about the latest developments. Khaya is proud to announce that our state-of-the-art gym has opened its doors. The gym

Traveling like a sardine – or a rocket

Japan’s public transport system is known to be among the best in the world. Rush-hour traffic in the big cities can be crazy. Some metro stations are so busy that polite stewards with white gloves push guests into already over-crowded

Rugby powerhouses meet in Japan

2 Years to go until rugby powerhouses meet in Japan.. The Web Ellis trophy is up for grabs and with Khaya as your designated management company, we will make sure that the rugby teams are not