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KTX doesn’t alleviate transport problems

The cost for the PyeongChang Olympics is estimated to be in the region of $13 billion. The Korean public isn’t necessarily embracing the event with only 50% of the tickets having been sold. Many venues will remain empty after

Tokyo expects two bumper events

2019 Rugby World Cup and 2020 Olympics are two events which will catapult Tokyo into the limelight of the sports world. Olympic Committees and broadcasters have visited Japan’s capital in big numbers and already wanted to book hotels.

Investing in a coach

So, why should you have a coach? Personally, I believe it depends on what you value. If you value exploring your own life and mind, if you value understanding how you function and where you get stuck; if you

When your taste buds get homesick…

When your taste buds get homesick… There is much to be said for traveling to exotic destinations. The people are exotic. The food is exotic… – but what about those times when your appetite is craving something that’s more familiar