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On-site with Khaya

Site inspections are a crucial service that we offer. During the past few weeks our team in Japan has done 20 inspections with clients from around the world. These inspections offer clients the opportunity to view our hand-picked accommodation, but they are

We are accommodation specialists

Let us help you find the best deals for crew, family and friends, as well as fans! We made a name for ourselves in Rio de Janeiro, where we supplied 500 apartments and 300 hotel rooms during games time. In PyeongChang,

Meet Tami, our Tokyo Olympics expert

Hello! I’m Tami, and I can’t wait for the Olympics to take place in our wonderful city in two years’ time. Tokyo is a massive city with a rich heritage, and it has something for everyone. If you love good

A very different World Cup on the horizon

Imagine the World Cup being hosted in a city like London with its famous stadiums such as Highbury, White Harte Lane or Stamford Bridge. This is what can be expected from Qatar in 2022, a country with 2.5 million inhabitants. Qatar’s arenas