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Tokyo Hotel Hunting Khaya

Hotel hunting with Khaya’s trio

This trio has visited more hotels in Tokyo than anyone else. (From left to right) Tami, Mana and Kay. The Greater Tokyo Area is the most populous metropolitan area in the world with 38 million people. Tokyo itself is not only an

Tokyo Olympics accomodation

Get to know Tokyo – Part I

In this new series Khaya introduces the most attractive areas for Tokyo 2020. Shimbashi is one of Tokyo’s main transit points, connecting the JR line, Tokyo Metro and Yurikamome line. The area is dotted with the headquarters of Japanese and foreign

Moscow taxi

Grab a cab – better use an app

Finding a taxi in Russia When Victoria books a taxi, she uses an app. Khaya’s accommodation manager moves around a lot as she visits many hotels. Victoria chooses between three providers: Gett, Uber and Yandex Taxi. She has an app on her

Victoria introduces Russian fast food

Victoria’s favourite Russian fast food Ever heard of restaurants like Teremok, Elki-Palki or Farsh Burger? They are some of the most popular fast food restaurants in Russia. You will find international chains like McDonald’s and Burger King, but we suggest trying out